Meet the Staff


Internet Team

  • Christine Santiago

    Christine Santiago

    Sales Consultant

  • DiJon Rice

    DiJon Rice

    Internet Salesperson

    (713) 524-3801

  • Gino Perez

    Gino Perez

    Sales Consultant

  • Mark Gusman

    Mark Gusman

    Internet Manager

  • Sonia Cardenas

    Sonia Cardenas

    Business Development

    (713) 831-2880

  • Will Scanlan

    Will Scanlan

    New Car Salesman

New Vehicle Managers

  • Blake Helfman

    Blake Helfman

    Sales Manager

    (713) 524-3801

  • Jim Edmund

    Jim Edmund

    General Sales Manager

  • Larry Barker

    Larry Barker

    New Car Sales Manager

  • Randy Novosad

    Randy Novosad

    New Car Sales Manager

New Vehicle Sales


  • Bryan Hahn

    Bryan Hahn

    Service Advisor

    (713) 831-1763

    I have worked at River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for the past 16 years.  I have spent the last 38 years in the automotive industry.  It would be my pleasure to assist you in anyway with your automotive needs or questions.  In my spare time I enjoy fishing and spending time in the great outdoors.  One of my favorite places to visit is the Kiamichi Mountains in Oklahoma.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

  • David Rhodes

    David Rhodes

    Service Manager

  • Edward Kane

    Edward Kane

    Service Advisor

    (713) 831-1567

    I have worked at River Oaks Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for 12 years.  I like that everyday is always different and I enjoy meeting new customers.  They make my job exciting and fulfilling.  Technology changes daily so there is always something new to learn with all the new vehicles Chrysler is producing.  In my spare time my life is dedicated to my wonderful wife and my 3 adorable grandchildren.  Watching my grandchildren grow is the most amazing thing I have witnessed.  Hope to see you soon.

  • Emmanuel Bautista

    Emmanuel Bautista

    Express Lube

    (713) 831-2802

    Hi my name is Emmanuel Bautista and I am an Express Lube Service Advisor.  I enjoy working at River Oaks. It feels like a family here and we enjoy helping each other out to get the job done right.  In my spare time I master the sport of basketball.  Anyone care for a challenging game of basketball? Hope to see you in the Express Lane soon!

  • Jorge Fernandez

    Jorge Fernandez

    Service Advisor

    (713) 831-1569

  • Joseph Laperna

    Joseph Laperna

    Service Manager

Used Internet

  • John Eisenbrown

    John Eisenbrown

    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    (713) 545-5318

  • Richard Sisco

    Richard Sisco

    Pre-Owned Internet Manager

    (713) 545-5318

Used Vehicle Managers

  • Pete Kanakidis

    Pete Kanakidis

    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

  • Steve Villanueva

    Steve Villanueva

    Asst, Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    (713) 831-2887

Used Vehicle Sales

  • Dean Francis

    Dean Francis

    Pre-Owned Salesman

    (713) 524-3189

  • Fred Gibbs

    Fred Gibbs


    (713) 831-2880

  • Gregory Washington

    Gregory Washington

    Pre-Owned Salesman

    (713) 831-2880

  • Jim McDonald

    Jim McDonald

    Pre-Owned Salesman

    (713) 831-2880

  • Mervin Lugay

    Mervin Lugay

    Pre-Owned Salesman

    (713) 831-2880

  • Pedro Etcheverry

    Pedro Etcheverry

    Pre-Owned Salesman

    (713) 831-2880

  • Ray Edmund

    Ray Edmund

    Sales Consultant

    (713) 831-2880

  • Robert Price

    Robert Price

    Pre-Owned Salesman

    (713) 831-2880